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At METALES UNZUETA I I Ltd. we are constantly active, researching and winning new markets, which are more and more demanding and competitive. We collaborate closely with the customers of our international markets, in order to offer them the best and most competitive products.

Our export programme is implanted in our company’s business policy, and seeks to achieve the following objectives:


• Increased company growth: the expansion of existing markets along with the conquest of new markets increases business and speeds up our evolution and growth.


• Increased cost-effectiveness: servicing new markets obliges us to organise and administer the company more effectively, and leads to better use of resources, whether physical, financial or human, making possible a reduction in costs, and therefore greater cost-effectiveness.


• Increased certainty in sales figures: faced with possible fluctuations in the internal market, opening up new markets will allow us to maintain the same sales rhythm and the possibility of growth.


• Increased prestige and international influence: export success leads to increased business, establishes new commercial links, and consolidates our company’s prosperity.


It is not only the quality of the product and the service which determines the success of exporting: the attitude and the commitment that we as a company have are also very important.



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